The Florida Baker Act Law

File this under: Abusive people.

In Florida, there are really only two reasons one can be hospitalized against their will. 1. If they are homicidal and 2. If they are suicidal.

Every time I have been hospitalized, it has been against my will. However, in none of those cases was I homicidal or suicidal.

In Florida, the Baker Act law, which states when a person can be hospitalized against their will, is one of the most abused things. And it’s abusive to send people into the hospital against their will when they do not meet the requirements. I have been in contact with a lawyer who handles such cases, and, if I am hospitalized for reasons other than 1. or 2. above, I am to contact them.

I work with my treatment team to ensure I get the care I need. I am a grown-up, and I have rights. It’s abusive to treat me as otherwise.

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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