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I’ve been reading a lot at PubMed recently, and had a chat with my doctor. My doctor suggested I take a multivitamin with vitamin D in it because, as I was told, we do not get vitamin D from the sun. They used to think that, but it was disproved. However, you need the sun in order to process vitamin D. So, I started taking a multivitamin.

Looking for a sugar free drink (and a sugar substitute free drink, which can be just as bad), I looked up the pros and cons of different drinks. I decided on green tea, which has become a staple for me.

I’ve cut a lot of the added sugar from my diet after finding out just how much sugar is in the average American diet. (Not good.) So, I bought myself some All Bran to eat for my breakfasts, which has less sugar than most cereals. (Check the ingredients to see where sugar is listed.)

I also decided to start taking a probiotic. This is for several reasons, but one of them is because there’s research that says the gut bacteria in people with schizophrenia is imbalanced. Not sure why that is, and antipsychotics can cause it, too, but one theory is that schizophrenia is an autoimmune disease.

I’m also joining the gym. I look forward to that. I’ve been in shape most of my life, but got out of shape–and in poorer health–over the past few years. Being on antipsychotics–and in and out of the hospital–will do that to a person. My goal is to get in better health. I’ve read, too, that diet and exercise can help schizophrenia like it does so many things.


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