SparkPeople is the app I use on my phone to track my food and weight.

I don’t believe in diets. That is, I don’t believe in temporarily restricting food, eating only certain things, etc, for a certain amount of time and then going back to the way you ate before. For one thing, that never works. You may lose weight, but you’ll gain it back and, because the set point in your brain for your weight has changed, you will probably end up weighing more than you did before the diet.

I believe in making small changes in your life that you can keep. And then keep them. For example, I didn’t have a problem with drinking sodas or other beverages with calories (I drank mostly water), but I wanted to add something to my diet that would be good for me and not add calories. So, I chose unsweet green tea, which I now drink throughout the day. This isn’t some ill conceived plan to lose weight fast. Green tea does seem to speed up metabolism a bit in somewhat large amounts, but I wanted the cancer protection, antioxidants, and so forth. Green tea is more potent and perhaps better for you than vitamin C.

But you can’t just drink green tea for 12 weeks and expect to see the well-documented benefits. It’s something you have to keep up.

It’s the same with dieting. I plan to keep tracking the food I eat, and how much I weigh, even after I hit my target weight. It’s a good idea to track your food intake. I did it when I was pregnant. It was good for the baby. ¬†And I can do it again now that I know it’s good for me.

I don’t track my exercise, though. That’s because people tend to overestimate the calories they burn through exercise and underestimate the calories they consume. So, I track my food intake and weight only.

I was losing 2 pounds a week for a month. Then, I dropped down to 1 pound a week. I’m not worried about this. Slow and steady wins the race. Besides, I’m already at the BMI I need to be at. (If you believe in BMI. I’m using it for health reasons. It tracks at an 80% rate with various diseases I’m trying to avoid.)

And here I am this afternoon, weighing 130.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

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