Ex-May on the Olitics-Pay

One of the things I specialized in during my MA program was political philosophy. As such, I’ve been very politically active and have written a bunch of political stuff. I’d be one of those people one could consider as expert–not just a lay-person. My focus during both undergrad and grad school was ethics and political philosophy. I’ve been lucky to work on very good projects in those areas, too.

However, I’ve always been a reluctant participant in politics, both academically and practically. I know, I know: It’s important. If you don’t do politics, it does you. And most of my friends would consider this particular time the prime time to be involved in politics. I don’t disagree with those assessments. It’s just that I currently have a different way of doing things.

Most of my friends–and these would be the real experts, who I defer to–think this is a time to resist the rise of fascism. My resistance is different. I’m going to try to focus on my health and relationships. I’m going to practice corporeal politics by actually meeting people and getting out more. That’s the best thing I can do right now. And I’m going to work on some skills I developed and happen to be good at.

It’s a little impossible to be totally apolitical, I suppose. I’m not aiming for that, anyway. I just decided to tone down my involvement for several personal reasons. We’ll see if that works out. Every time I tell myself I’m going to quit politics, I end up getting very involved in something.

I have given politics a rest ever since the electoral college voted. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

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