A Burning Bush

Many people would like a sign from God—to prove His existence, to answer a prayer. I have found that hearing God is not about looking for a burning bush. It’s not that God cannot give you a burning bush, it’s that oftentimes hearing Him depends on developing a relationship and a sort of sensitivity to receive God’s messages to you.

God will answer every prayer, everything we ask of Him. Granted, it may not always be the answer we want to hear. If we ask for something, we may not get it. God has the right to say no.

If you seek God, you will find Him. But you have to, in my experience, be sensitive to hearing Him. And by hearing Him, I don’t necessarily mean an audible voice. It may be a small voice in your head. It may be a vision, a dream or a picture in your mind. You will know it’s from God if you maintain a relationship with Him. His ways are good and you can always trust Him.

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