A Fallen State: The Patriarchy

I was reading the Creation Story and The Fall in the Bible this morning. A few things came to mind:

-The tree of knowledge of good and evil is not itself bad. Everything God created was good. What was bad was disobedience to God.

-As punishment, God makes men rulers over women. This suggests equality in the Garden of Eden prior to The Fall. This is, possibly, the beginning of sexism and patriarchy. The suggestion is not that men *should* ideally rule over women. The Bible suggests this is the punishment for eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

-Eve succumbs to temptation. It’s not bad to be tempted. Even Jesus was. It’s bad to succumb to it. This means a few things. First, Eve was obviously able to be tempted, which flies in the face of many interpretations in which women are by nature and are supposed to be chaste. Second, Eve was obviously tempted by something amazing. It was knowledge of good and evil, i.e., knowledge of all things. This makes Eve a pretty bad ass woman.


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