More Reflections on The Fall

Pretend for a moment that The Fall really took place the way it is described in the Bible. It goes back to something like opening Pandora’s Box, which unleashed all the evils into the world. What was left in the Box was only hope. The Bible tells us the punishment from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil: Women will have pain related to child birth, people will toil the Earth, men will rule over women.

But what if the message is something deeper that haunts us until today. What if most of our tasks—solving medical mysteries, engaging in philosophical discussion, political activity—are all the result of The Fall. And it is our task to do our part to make things right again. After all, the tree was knowledge of all things. What if ‘all things’ includes our successes and our mishaps in these areas? Of course, The Fall includes a separation from God, too. So it would probably be prudent for those of us who believe to cleave close to the Creator. The Bible tells us how to have hope, too.

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