Gut Feelings: Problems For AI May Not Be With The Brain

According to recent theories, the gut and the brain are constantly communicating. This communication is so important that certain functions attributed to the brain may indeed also depend on the gut.

Having solid gut health has become an important topic in many areas, including mental health.  And, indeed, gut health may help with higher order cognitive functions and more.

The problem with current theoretical understandings of AI, then, is that it doesn’t seem to take into account that the brain is fully embodied and connected with other organs, for which it depends, as well as the gathering information from the outside world.

A recent hypothesis I heard, for example, posited that if one could create a synthetic brain, one would have genuine AI.

I want to suggest that if we really want a genuine AI, we will have to go a few steps further and create a whole synthetic human body. We may not be able to get there just yet, but if we do, we will have truly artificial intelligence.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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