A Note About This Blog

This blog is my personal blog. It’s in no way a professional blog. This is where I try out ideas, post more personal things and try on different hats. If you’d like to see my more professional work, I encourage you to check out my posts at the Florida Student Philosophy Blog. I hope you take the posts here with the spirit they are intended and with a grain of salt. This is, after all, my little playground for thoughts and ideas.

On Logic and My Favorite Bookstore

A while back, I went to my favorite bookstore in DeLand, Florida. There, I got the book Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction.

Even though I don’t teach logic anymore, it’s important to keep up the skills. This little textbook has exercises to do to keep me sharp. I work logic problems throughout the week.

My favorite bookstore, as I said, is located in DeLand, Florida–the city I went to undergrad in. It’s a quaint little city and a quaint little, independent bookstore: The Family Book Shop of DeLand. I highly recommend going there if you happen to find yourself in DeLand.

Stalking Awareness

Last month was National Stalking Awareness Month. So I learned a bit about it.

In general, stalking is defined as any unwanted attention directed toward a person or group. Women are more likely to be victims of stalking than men–and stalking is a behavioral indicator that can lead to violence.

I have friends who have been serious victims of stalking in recent months. Because of that, I have also taken some precautions of my own, learning from them.

UPDATE: Please also see the Wiki on Cyberstalking.

Bye, Bye, Christianity.

I have been going to church and involved in Bible study for over a year now. After some consideration–and really trying–I’ve decided Christianity is not for me.

My counselor agrees that I shouldn’t delve too deeply into it, too. There’s a fine line between craziness and spirituality. I don’t want to blur those lines, wherever they may be.

So, bye, bye, Christianity. You helped me get through some things and I will always appreciate it.

On Stigma

Stigma–or, rather, discrimination–regarding mental illness is very common. Most people, alas, are unaware of the stereotypes and biases they hold in their head regarding mental illness.

I have been an advocate against stigma and discrimination for several years. I’ve seen far too many instances of bias and discrimination. I couldn’t help but be an advocate.

I have volunteered with organizations and have watched others grow. The organization I am currently watching–and it’s one to look out for–is Students With Schizophrenia. Founded by Cecilia McGough (Penn), Students With Schizophrenia aims to assist and help college students diagnosed with schizophrenia. Look for Students With Schizophrenia at a campus near you.