Here Lies My Blog

Dear Reader,

I do not intend to write more at this blog. This has been an outlet for me, at times, to try on different hats, explore ideas and practice writing–a hobby of mine.

But it’s time to say farewell.

These days, there’s just too much I need to take care of in my life to keep up a quality blog–not that this blog was ever what one would deem “quality.”

See, this blog was initially related to the rest of the site–a professional blog. It morphed, as time went on, into a personal blog, where I shared ideas, thoughts, tried on different hats and, possibly, made a ton of errors. Hey–it’s my blog, my errors. I own them. But the blog, as it currently stands, doesn’t really relate to the rest of the site. It’s a mismatch. And I don’t have the time to keep it up and make it more professional. (Besides, I’m not in the same headspace I was when I made this website.)

I’m leaving the whole site, including this blog, up for a while–but don’t think it will be here forever.

Everyone knows that to be in contact with me, you should follow me on Facebook. That’s where I keep in contact with my friends and family.

I hope you have enjoyed reading.

RIP, blog. As they say, “It’s been real. And it’s been fun. But it ain’t been real fun.”


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