Current Ways The U.S. Is Oppressing Native Nations

I’ve seen a few things on Native issues go viral lately. So let’s make this go viral: Current ways the United States is oppressing Native Nations. I don’t mean wannabe Indians, cultural appropriation by white people or mere historic ways America oppressed Native Americans. I mean current ways by the U.S. government. Things that are happening now.

Before I get into current ways the U.S. is oppressing Native nations, take at look at what Steve Russell says on page 153 of Sequoyah Rising: “The Indian wars are not over. They have simply changed venues to Congress and the courts. This is why there are people in Congress we refer to as “Indian Fighters,” the most famous of whom is Senator Glade Gorton (R-Washington). You, too, can fight.” Russell goes on to talk about ways in which you can fight and cases that may be of interest.

I whole-hardheartedly agree that non-Indians can join forces with Indians in the Indian Wars. That may, in fact, be the answer to one of my previous posts about how to decolonize without Native Americans engaging in militant nonviolence.

So here’s some ways in which the United States oppresses Native Americans. Feel free to add more instances in comments.

  1. American Indian Law, which is, in a very colonialist fashion, controlled by the United States, is wholly incomprehensible. Native Americans must, then, live their lives in an incomprehensible way.
  2. Native Nations, as stated above, are very much controlled by the United States. They should be able to act as independent, foreign nations, but, obviously, they can’t. We need to make sure that an individual Native nation, if it wants to be a wholly independent nation, can be such.
  3. Our presidents, to a large degree, have been anti-Native American. This is, in part, because they probably think it’s in their interest to be that way. We non-Indians need to show that’s not the case.
  4. In recent months, Trump has suggested he sees Native Americans as a mere minority group within the United States. We need to show that we know better: That Native Nations are colonized nations.

Those are just to get started. There’s a myriad of ways the actual U.S. government oppresses Native Americans.

Author: Jennifer Lawson

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