Hard To Swallow Pills: This Is Exactly Who We Are

The Holocaust is the horrific evil that most people compare other evils to. I’m guilty of this myself.
I wait for the day when America’s atrocities are not considered minor in comparison. After all, Hitler loved how the United States treated Native Americans. The idea of concentration camps came in part from our old idea of reservations, which used to be guarded by the military and Native people weren’t allowed to leave.
I’ve seen Native people recently stating to, especially, white people who say about immigrant children being ripped from their families that “This isn’t who we are” that, indeed, this IS who we are. It’s who we’ve always been.
The scope and duration of genocide aimed at indigenous people is unparalleled in recorded human history. The United States did way more than its fair share of genocide. It wiped out 99% of the Native American population.
So, yeah. This is who we are. Take a good, hard look. It’s who we’ve always been.
Maybe someday people will wake up and America’s evils will be the horrific, horrific standard everything else is measured to.

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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