I Don’t Want Native Americans To Fight For Their Rights

My government, the United States, is a colonial government. Period. End of story.

I was born here and through friendship, love and learning realized I occupy a colonizer space in life. Funny how.

I know much of the history of colonialism. And I know that in order to gain liberation, colonized people often protest, have massive demonstrations, fast, pray. Often these things work.

That’s why Steve Russell has argued in his book Sequoyah Rising that Native Americans, if they want liberation, must engage in militant nonviolence, of the Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr variety.

I know how this goes. It may work to gain liberation, but it comes at a cost. Colonized people are beaten, thrown in jail, tortured, murdered–until the colonizer breaks down and liberates the people.

It’s not pretty.

It’s especially not pretty when you consider the history of Native Americans. After an attrition rate of around 99% due to genocide (among other evils), do you really want to see Native Americans treated this way by our government? I certainly don’t. I never did.

There has got to be a way to end colonization without Native Americans engaging in anything more than talking with us. That’s how I came to realize my colonizer space, after all. Through talking, discussion and reading.

I deeply admire Steve Russell and I know for sure his strategy would work. I want to end colonialism, but I don’t want the people I love to be treated this horrific way by my government in order to get there. (Setting aside the fact that they are already treated poorly in general.)

If you are a Euroamerican, I implore you to not let this happen. There must be a way we can start decolonization–even apart from our government, at this point–without Native Americans going through what Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr went through.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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