“Native Americans Aren’t On Anyone’s Radar”

As you probably know, I wrote a very short collection of essays on Native American issues. I had a Native American I know look over the book. We discussed some ideas in it.

They told me that basically it’s a great idea, but Native Americans and injustices toward them aren’t on anyone’s radar.

Perhaps that’s true. I know this and I wrote the book, anyway. How could I not when I know that even if Native Americans aren’t currently on the national radar, we are on Native American’s radar.

How could I go on, in other words, being a colonizer, without speaking out, under the gaze of the colonized?

Think about this: What if Native Americans get together and practice militant nonviolence? Then they will surely be on the radar. And that’s my primary motive for writing this very imperfect book. For the hands it does fall into, hopefully it will wake folks up a little and Native people won’t have to practice militant nonviolence.

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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