On Killing The Indian And Saving The Man

American, Canada and Australia have worldview blood on their hands. Yes, they have literal blood, but, worse, they have worldview blood on their hands.

Each country stole Indigenous from their families and placed them in boarding schools. While there, they were beaten for speaking their Native tongue, forced to dress “western,” abused in many ways, and were forced to take on a different worldview.

These are “before and after” pictures of Native children in the midst of being assimilated.

These countries couldn’t win the debate between worldviews, so they appealed to force. It’s important to note that this was entirely about worldviews. This was forced assimilation. It’s not merely about how one dresses, although that’s certainly a part of it.

There are still (non-Native) people who think Indigenous people were inferior. And I suppose they think that bringing Native kids into the western worldview was the proper thing to do.

But, alas. That can’t be true. In addition to the physical, emotional and sexual abuses these kids endured, they were taught in an American way. They were given strict structure to their day. No more could they live on Indian Time. They were given a hierarchy to live in. No more could they strive for egalitarianism. Their ideas of God, nature, the universe–of everything–was forcibly replaced.

Well, these major countries tried the method of force, but many Native people still practice their old ways as much as they can–and it’s amazing! When you have to appeal to force, you automatically lose. So, when judging the argument between worldviews, it’s clear who the loser is.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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