Diogenes and Alexander the Great

There’s a story about Diogenes I used to like. Apparently, he told Alexander the Great that he was “Standing in my light.” Most people take this to mean that Diogenes has impressive balls. Maybe he did. But maybe he was just minding his own business, doing his work, and someone cast light over him so as not for him to see his work. Did Alexander do it on purpose? I don’t know. It was said Diogense had an formidable reputation and that Alexander just wanted to see for himself what one of his citizens was doing. On this interpretation, Alexander was proud of this citizen and the accomplishments of his ability to defend these kinds of people. I would hope this were the case.

Diogenes did things quite differently from other thinkers of the day, like throwing a chicken to Plato, saying, “Behold! I bring you a man!” (As a counterargument to Plato’s definition of ‘man’ being a ‘featherless chicken.’ This is a pretty hilarious counterexample in many ways.

I always liked Diogenes because he thought outside the box and made excellent points.

As for myself, apparently, my original thoughts were kinda stolen sometimes and those folks have been sitting pretty for a while.

Clayton Littlejohn is my lawyer. He is a philosophical and Diogeonical badass. I respect the absolute shit out of him.

-Jennifer Lawson

Like Diogenes, I, Jennifer Lawson, have been looking for One Honest Man.

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