“God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe”

This morning, I thought about the famous Einstein quote about playing dice with the universe. It is well-known that scientists, including physicists (as well as my own folks, philosophers), have debated the nature of God, whether there is one, and what kinds of things this Being does or does not do. This easily fits within the context of understanding ourselves, the natural world, the universe and other creatures. It has been commonly thought that these types of scholars, thinkers and inquirers were, perhaps, anti-God. however, that is really just not historically accurate in probably the majority of cases. This type of inquiry is not driven by a sort of selfish desire to dominate , ‘be’ God, kill, or ruin Divine and good things, in my experience.

Let’s turn to the quote:

There are several ways this quote can be interpreted and the context of the letters which make up this debate, you can look up. However, there is one, if I may, somewhat theological way it can be interpreted.

In this way, it means that people are not randomly selected by what I’ll refer to as The Almighty to go to what is known as a Heavenly ‘afterlife’. On my interpretation, it means that God chooses the good, the kind, the meek, the caring, the brave and godly-bold for Paradise. (Perhaps among others…) God, then, does NOT randomly select beings for an Eternal Happiness and companionship with Him.

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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