The Method of Indirect Communication

So. Kierkegaard (S.K.), used the method of indirect communication in many (if not most) of his works. I always liked the fella. He was funny, witty, wise and smart. Apparently, he was part of a veritable hellstorm during the Danish Golden Age. The target of numerous attacks, taking on the Church, politics and various other things, S.K. will forever be one of my most favorite philosophers. I suppose that, as things go, there may be a variety of “methods” that work to get a point across. Perhaps S.K. used the one most effective at the time. These days, I’ve found, if one wants to try to understand him, one must typically (1) Dream of going to Demark, (2) Eat Danish wedding cookies (3) and, perhaps, be a bridesmaid and never a bride. (And now that I’ve spent about 14 years living what S.K. wrote, he is offering to be my bodyguard. Yes, Kierkegaard, of course.)

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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