Was Socrates Correct On Human Nature?

I think he probably was. He thought that people commit wrongs and evils due to ignorance–and, then, he admitted his own ignorance when the Oracle of Delphi told him so. Socrates was a, shall I say, pondersome man. He was burdened by many things, what I have dubbed “The Burden of Genius.”

Contrary to the thought we should all live ‘light’ most of them time, I think a heavy burden such as that of the Socratic style can lead us to important things.

Socrates may not have written much himself, but testimony suggests he was a good man, if problem-ed, sometimes, by mental illness.

He is known as the Father of Philosophy. (Not ‘western’ philosophy. Just philosophy.) And philosophy is known as the Mother of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Hence, civilization. [To learn about the kinds of associates Socrates had (for the most part), see here.]


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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