Research Question: Why Are All The Good Ones Gay?

So, let me tell you about my sloppy organization (circa 2003-04, Stetson University, Departments of Philosophy and Psychology) which led to something I think is nifty. We had (have?) a one-way glass in the Psych. Dept. And, well, I just wanted to use it because I’m a badass. So, I needed a confederate (My brother, Adam R. Lawson, was “good enough.”) On the other side of the glass, he started the VHS recorder to tape the student-participant’s reactions to Eckman’s unfortunate photos and marked what THEY THOUGHT were the their emotional reactions to this display. I simply cared for the participants in the truly best way I could in the same room as they. After they marked the “assessment,” and the individual session was over, I told them there was someone behind the glass and they were being taped. I will always thank the participants. I kinda know they came through well. 😉 This was my solution, as best I could think of, for ethics in psychology in particular and social science in general, which has been–and probably still is to a small degree– a SERIOUS problem.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I joined the Gay Straight Alliance on Stetson’s Campus in the very best way I could. I never attended meetings because of other commitments, but I willed it so much in my heart that, truly, I WAS THERE.)

-Official Statement by Jennifer L. Lawson. (Distribute and use as needed and useful.)

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