“Does Studying Ethics Make One More Ethical?”

That’s the question Eric Schwitzgebel and team has been studying for quite some time. I first read his reflections as they came out several years ago. According to Schwitzgebel’s studies, which appear the be quite solid, studying ethics does not make one more ethical. I happen to think he is correct. However, I will present him with some hopeful news: Studying his meta-philosophy studies can, perhaps, make one a better person. Here’s how:

Around 2008, I had a stack of library books on my desk. They weren’t overdue. Yet. (Note: I have a history of long overdue books.) Then, something happened. I read The Splintered Mind. I read famous Library Book Study.

I looked at my stack of books.

I immediately turned them in to the library. I have never been late since.

Virtue may be a habit sometimes, but that habit needs to probably be honed by external motivators that may move us to not tend toward evil.

I owe any goodness I have today to Eric Schwitzgebel. His studies prompted me to move towards The Good. I can only pray that, with help of friends and family, I may stay in that precise direction.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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