Heaven is a Place on Earth? Further Arguments Against Utopia

In the paper Impure Theorizing in an Imperfect World,
Verovšek argues that, in short, we should not be aiming for Utopia on Earth. In this post, I’m going to allege he is correct.

Imagine there is a Heaven. It’s easy, if you try. Should we attempt to create such a thing on Earth? No.

The reason?

We would not be trying to be God, but attempting to be The Devil.

Am I guilty of trying to make Heaven a Place on Earth? Absolutely. The struggle, if I may in all accuracy, allude to Hitler, is to resist, as it were, that urge.

If there were a Heaven, there would also be a God. That Being would have made a planet just so.

It’s my assertion that events like Global Warming and other disasters are due to us and our perfect striving.

We are not perfect and will not be. Our Planet? Perhaps it is perfect the way it is. As for us, can we accept the challenge of accepting our own humanity?

I, for one, hope so.

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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