How to Tell You Are Good at Philosophy

Everyone worries about it: Am I good enough? Am I good at all?

In the following, you can surely tell you are good at philosophy if you do a significant number of the following:

  1. You take the absolute shortest and most direct path from classroom to classroom.
  2. If you pester your family with things you have learned in class.
  3. If Descartes sticks in your skull at least two full semesters after you read “Meditations on First Philosophy.”
  4. If you tell everyone you probably have autism because you just read “The Duty of Genius.”
  5. You perk up anytime there is a worthwhile article about the value of philosophy.
  6. If you think, “Someday, I could be as rich as Bernstein.”
  7. If you spend an inordinate amount of time consuming everything philosophical, particularly if it’s open access.
  8. If you celebrate the numerous types, kinds and styles of philosophy and philosophical “traditions.”
  9. If you made a ‘C’ in Logic, cried about it, and made up for it ever since.
  10. If you pair a food or drink not together but with what you’ve been reading.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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