I Do Not Claim to Always Be “Safe and Supportive”

There are blogs which make that claim, however. The Philosopher’s Cocoon is one such place. I’m not beyond taking on arguments in philosophy for, well, the sake of philosophy. I may not be the most outstanding, but I try.

At any rate, there’s a post over at The Cocoon on whether one should take up marginal topics.

There’s certainly what one may call “trends” in philosophy. One would hope (and, no, I have no evidence on this), that these trends are the result of good original work, which is precisely what we are supposed to be producing in the first place.

If you are not producing good original work, what does your MA or PhD really mean, anyway? The whole point is to become not an expert but a talent.

I have indeed worked on both 1. Hot Topics (Bernard Williams) and 2. Marginalized Topics (Native American Issues). The results? I suppose we will just have to wait and see. My original work may just not be stellar. If not, that’s fine. At least I know I worked hard.

So, should you work on “hot topics” or “marginal work?”

The answer is: Yes.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

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