Life Must Be Lived Forward: Moving Past a History of Mental Illness

This is a personal post: For the period of several years, I was on Social Security Disability. I was diagnosed with a psychological condition in graduate school. Fortunately, I got help, care and support.

The department I studied at–the Philosophy Department at the University of North Florida–knows about my condition and has been privy to my progress as I moved along in my studies while obtaining treatment.

At this time, I am free and clear. That is not to say I’m perfect. Perfect is not the definition of mental health, anyway. It means I am no longer clinically diagnosable.

There is, as has been reported, an increasing amount of individuals in college with mental health conditions. As a result, I have formed precious bonds with clinicians, lawyers, and others, in my progress.

Those who stand in the way of mental health progress are the bane of our existence. Don’t be crappy. Support your own and other people’s mental wellness.

If you see someone struggling, don’t bring them down further. Lift them up, offer support. That’s what my friends and colleagues have done for me.

I am considered “successful.” That’s mostly due to the awareness people have these days about things like mental health conditions. Gone, practically, are the days of stigma and discrimination, those backward ways of thinking. Here to stay are times when the proper care and support are offered by millions.

-Jennifer Lawson

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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