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This is an open thread about mentoring tips and advice. I realize I may be somewhat early in my career here, but I have succeeded in many things. I’m going to put down some of my tips, which may or may not be helpful and useful so others may also succeed. These tips are not just for minorities or women, either. After all, Feminism is for Everybody.

  1. Don’t be afraid to contact people whose work admire and respect. I was a fledgling student with high anxiety. Nevertheless, I contacted a stellar scholar in order to get readings. That relationship turned in to a decades-long discourse.
  2. Seek out student groups, join a blog. I attended Logic groups, Philosophy Club and Philosophy of Language groups. I learned a lot and my interests were then known to be very broad. I may have AOS in Ethics and Political Philosophy, but my competence in the Philosophy, Broadly Construed. This was shown by my interests and activities.
  3. Try to make friends, including outside your discipline. Personally, I like anyone who is, what I shall call “Good People.” These bonds and friendships are essential.
  4. Seek supportive (yet rigorous) networks of support. You may have to scour the internet to do this, but it’s completely worth it.

Others may make corrections, offer their own advice and add to the conversation. As for myself, I am available at JLawson [at] Steton [DOT] edu. If you are a person new to philosophy, feel free to contact me. I may happen to know a mentor and friend for you.

-Jennifer Lawson

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