The Making of a CV

Curriculum Vitae. Curriculum Vitae. It’s two words every budding philosopher needs to know. Here’s a couple of tihngs to consider when making yours.

Certainly look to respected philosophers, such as your professors, to get an idea of what to include. However, yours is most certainly not going to look like theirs simply because they are already working: teaching, doing research, and serving the profession.

As a student, yours will look smaller. Don’t think smaller is worse!

If you have too much on your CV at a certain stage (say, as you apply to grad school), things may look suspicious. No one expects you to have done everything at that point–if ever.

You may certainly look at mine. I hold an MA. I was pretty darn active in graduate school, too. Perhaps, even, too active. Don’t worry about having yours look too active. Anyone who is anyone would prefer a healthy balance: for yourself, your work, their department and the future of philosophy.

You can view my CV here.

Let me know if this is helpful and whether you seek additional help. I’m no expert on this, after all. Just giving friendly (and, hopefully, useful) advice.

Jennifer Lawson

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