The Making of “Reading Bernard Williams”

When Daniel Callcut and I worked on the anthology Reading Bernard Williams, it was indeed a task. I worked from my home at the time about fifteen minutes away from the University of North Florida. Daniel? I’m really not sure.

He sent me several essays to review. They typically fell under the genre “Feminist Philosophy,” which I utterly loathed.

I wanted to work on “The Big Things.” “The Man Things.”

He truly knew how to get under my skin; and not in a good way.

Still, I tried to do my job. I edited the selected essays for clarity, grammar–but not content; in short, I was keeping the integrity of the scholarship while, if I may, perfecting it at the same time.

It was terrible work.

Once told I would be credited in the book by Rico Vitz, I thought, “Great. Just great.”

However, I realize that I am stubborn now. I also realize that my instructors were, well, paternalistic. It was, really, for the best, though.

I ended up working precisely on “big things” and they can be found in that very book.

If you haven’t read this excellent contribution to philosophy, I dare you to.

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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