Twitter, the New Monopoly and Bitcoin


What do I know about it? Precisely nothing.


Well, a about one year ago–to this day–I had a Skype interview with a top–and I mean, top–bitcoin agency.

Was I qualified? Hell no. I applied, anyway, and got an interview.

I was interviewed by one person, who I can only imagine was the CEO. Her? She was Asian and apologized for her not-to-too-shabby English.

I didn’t get the job.

Which brings me to Twitter. The word is that the CEO of Twitter, along with others, are stockpiling Bitcoin. Why is this important? It’s the economy, stupid.

You may now call me a conspiracy theorist because I believe the CEO of Twitter is trying to–and succeeding in–selecting the entire market for himself.

The new monopoly is not to buy out or outwit the competitor. The new monopoly? The one we haven’t felt the collapse of yet? That one is weaseling your way into owning everyone and everything.

Maybe I’m wrong. I certainly hope so. But these things, which I confess not to know entirely too much about, are deeply troubling.

Our money? American currency? Just what was wrong with it in the first place?

-Jennifer Lawson

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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