Donate to Jamie Frazier’s Bucket List

This is a personal post in many ways. For one thing, I just had a cancer scare. For another: I know this fine woman.

Jamie Frazier is my daughter’s aunt on her father’s side. When my daughter asked me recently to name one thing I know about Jamie, I said, “I know she used to like Doritos!”

Jamie and I may not have always been super-close BFF’s but I don’t think there has ever been any hard feelings or animosity between us. We have always been friendly.

So what do I know about Jamie? I know she is a good mother. I know she is a good woman. And, yeah, I know bits and pieces of personal things–such as really liking Doritos.

With those things in mind, I ask you to consider donating to her Bucket List. I don’t, of course, know all of her medical stuff, but I have been told–and it is written–that she has bone, lymphatic, breast and brain cancer.

This is a funky, smart and sweet woman. Help make her dreams come true.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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