My Mental Health Voting Strategy: Election 2020

For the past several weeks, I have been on social media less and less. I tell ya, it’s a huge burden relief for me. I know it’s an election cycle. I have an idea of who is running in the Democratic Party.

But I am honestly not keeping up too much with this cycle. It’s not that I don’t care or value the whole process, either.

Instead, I value the process so much that I am not stressing myself about it.

When Trump was elected, it was all gloom and doom. I lost almost 10 lbs from the stress of it all. Here we are a couple of years later and, yeah, things could be a lot better. But everyone I know is still alive and kickin’. So, it wasn’t something to loose THAT MUCH sleep over. (Not that I’m saying I like Trump…)

This cycle, I fully realize that there is mudslinging in all directions. Everyone is saying that it will be pretty much the end of the world if the other one is elected.

I have decided to bypass all of that. So here’s what I decided today:

I am going to keep paying little attention to it all. Sure, I’ll take in some, but I won’t be a politics guru.

When I comes closer to voting time, I’ll just look up policies and vote based on that.

This seems to me to be a prudent, sound and healthy way to go about the election for me this go-round.

Good luck to you who are in the muck of it all. Best of health to you!


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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