Parents of Children With Anxiety Learn to Let Them Face Their Fears

Here’s a good story at NPR on parent training which helps children learn how to cope with anxiety.

A lot of times, a parent can unintentionally make symptoms worse. With training and understanding things like a different theoretical model of anxiety, parents can help to make things better for their child.

I have learned that with young children, it’s better to get this kind of support and face fears early in life and have kind, loving and supportive parents. This can sometimes mean the difference between a mild case of anxiety and a severe case as one gets older.

It turns out, on the Cognitive Behavioral Model, that facing fears step by step is the best way to cope with anxiety. What many parents tend to do, however, is over-coddle a child and accommodate their anxiety. When this is done, a child never learns how to deal with signs and symptoms and the anxiety may, in fact, get worse.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

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