The Double Standard of “Mooches”

Sometimes people, mostly whenever it’s convenient, like to remind people that things like SSI and Food Stamps are “Welfare.” Thus, the people receiving these benefits are taken to be “mooches.”

I am not an expert on economics, but as I understand it, an economy necessarily depends on other people.

If you work–especially for the State or Federal Government–your money comes from somewhere. Once it gets to you, it’s yours.

It’s the same way for benefits. Once it comes to you, it’s yours.

Just as we don’t think of Government employees as “mooches” simply because they receive federal dollars, we shouldn’t think of people receiving benefits as “mooches.”

The whole concept of thinking of some people as “mooches” is biased and needs to go. It should have been gone long, long ago. There are people who justifiably get benefits and this needs to be recognized. The fact that they receive their money from taxpayers should not be a reason to despise or denigrate them.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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