The Problem of Induction and My Personal Health

I mentioned the Problem of Induction the other day on Facebook. I don’t expect people to know what I was talking about. However, it had to do with my personal health.

I can’t help but mention my personal health since everybody brings it up. So, let me explain the Problem of Induction and how it relates to how people have been thinking about my health.

For those unfamiliar with the Problem of Induction, it goes basically like this: The future may not and/or does not always resemble the past. This is a problem for general informal logic and reasoning.

When it comes to my own health–without going into too much detail–there’s new evidence at play. I had a surgery, among other things. This means one cannot state that my future behavior, actions and mental states will resemble the past. There are just too many new variables at play.

Some people have stated I have a pattern of behavior. Each person, so far, has their own theory about this pattern and none of them line up! In any case, if there was a pattern, this may not be the case anymore because, as I said, there are just too many new variables.

I think of this as a fresh start. As I heal from surgery, I feel less sore every day, among other things. I am not precisely sure why other people cannot see these new variables as they are and treat as if I may have had a change or start their day fresh with me. Whatever the reason, I wanted to address this.

Perhaps there is a pattern to my behavior. Perhaps any one of these people’s theories is correct.

But because of new evidence, we should at least consider that any pattern I may have had has now stopped.

It’s true, I could now have some other bad and abnormal pattern of behavior. I would hope this is unlikely. After all, I just had surgery to remove a tumor, at the very least, and this ought to make my health even better.

That’s the Problem of Induction and my personal health. Using inductive reasoning is a skill and a highly valuable one. Let’s make sure we use it well.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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