There Is No Shame In Seeking Support

Anyone who lives with certain diagnoses–cancer, a mental health condition, or some other chronic and/or severe illness–has challenges to face every day. I don’t know a whole lot about these issues. I simply haven’t read enough to comment. However, I do know that I have come across therapists who work with cancer patients, support groups for cancer, as well as other chronic and/or severe illnesses.

Yesterday, I looked up NAMI and found an article on CBT and psychosis and what families can do. I thought a large organization promoting CBT for psychosis was outstanding.

I have never been to a NAMI support group even though I have a history of being diagnosed with a mental illness because these closest ones to me are fairly far away. However, I have indeed wanted to go in the past.

This post is about what friends and families can do. I was reminded, when I went to the NAMI site yesterday, that they have support groups for friends and families of those with mental illness.

Living with someone–or even knowing someone–with a chronic and/or severe condition can be rough, taxing or challenging. It’s good not to go it alone. There are many support groups available for any number of chronic and/or severe conditions.

Sometimes people think they can and should indeed go it alone. They think they do not need a support group, or that going to one signifies that one has some defect. This is not that case. Seeking support–whether it is counseling, a support group, or some other kind of support–is a sign of strength and courage.

Don’t let the stigma of seeking help or support get in the way of your health or strategies you can use or friends you can find in a support group or therapist.

If you are a friend, family member, coworker, community associate–or just happen to know someone with a mental health condition–here is where you can begin to find support.

Coping with these issues is very important. Each chronic and/or severe condition has its own challenges. I happen to know more about counseling and support for mental health conditions, but I know there are groups for diabetes, different forms of cancer, intellectual disability and more.

If you feel stressed, at a loss, or feel like giving up, do seek support in some way.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

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