Why Stripping is Not a Viable Career Choice for Most Women

This is perhaps going to be a controversial post. I don’t mean for it to be. It’s just that I was thinking about career options for women today and decided that stripping is not one of the best options for most women considering the other options available.

I fully understand that some women find stripping empowering and fun. I also realize there are arguments for stripping. My reflections are not so much ethical as pragmatic. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not the best pragmatic choice for most women. Here’s four reasons:

  1. Most strippers in my area are independent contractors. They don’t get all the money that is stuffed in their panties. A cut of that has to go to pay the business hosting them.
  2. Most strippers have to buy their own attire, makeup, and hair products. These are essential for the job, but the cost falls upon the stripper.
  3. Strippers are essentially a product. And they are a product that isn’t very forgiving. If a woman does not have the best boobs, hair, tummy, legs, and so forth, she won’t make as much money.
  4. Because of this, many strippers invest in bodily enhancements to make more money. These include boobs jobs, nose jobs, etc. That’s totally extra money out of your pocket toward your job.

If a woman has no formal education, it is often thought her options are very limited. Being a stripper is thought of as being one of the few choices she has.

My research in careers that do not require formal education has led me to believe otherwise. There are many things that do not require formal education and that, once one gets one’s foot in the door, can lead to a reasonable income. One can be a Paralegal, Social Media Coordinator, Receptionist, or Blogger. In my area, when I have seen jobs posted for these things, they haven’t required a formal education and, with experience, average about 50k per year. That’s not too shabby.

To boot, most of these jobs do not require–or do not require to the same extent–the 4 points above, most of which are about losing money rather than gaining money.

In short, if there’s a better option for you and you are a woman, in my area, at least, you should probably opt for being something other than a stripper.

These points are based on research I have done in my area. Things may be different in other areas. None of this is to degrade strippers or make a moral case against stripping. Instead, simply looking at stripping as a viable career choice and setting stripping beside other careers options leads me to the conclusion that stripping isn’t the best option for most women.


Author: Jennifer Lawson

Philosopher. That is all.

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