How Cheat Days Boost Self-Control

There’s an article in the Atlantic about how cheat days can boost your self-control. Since today was my cheat day, I was glad to see this. From the article:

[A] recent study suggests that it’s best to plan certain days on which you’ll cast off the shackles of your diet—or budget, or workout plan, or whatever ascetic goal you’ve set for yourself—and really just let loose. Temporarily, that is.

These so-called planned hedonic deviations, or “cheat days,” can boost your drive in the long run.

Cheat Day

When I started eating better, I cut my calories and decided upon more realistic portion sizes. We humans are really bad at estimating the portions we are supposed to have. I include myself in this. However, I also decided I would have one cheat meal per week.

This is my third week of having a cheat meal. I decided that every Friday I would go out to eat with my daughter. It’s easy to have a cheat meal when you are eating out because portions at restaurants are out of control. But this way, I get to go out and have some fun with my daughter and we both get a good meal. She is in college, so she really appreciates going out to eat one day a week with me.

Oftentimes, when people think of cheat meals, they think of eating all kinds of sweets, chips, and so on. Not me. I just go out and have a meal. It’s typically a pretty healthy meal, too. For example, last week, we went to Olive Garden and I got soup, salad and breadsticks. I chose the minestrone soup. All in all, it was fairly healthy for eating out.

Today, however, we decided to go to a Chinese buffet. It’s hard to count calories for that. I know I had a lot of food. But the best thing was the fortune cookie at the end of the meal, which told me something I needed to hear. Duly noted.