“Branding” And Schemas

Yesterday, I was asked on a questionnaire what I think a “brand” is. You know, like a company brand or, more to the point these days, a personal brand.

I could never really brand myself. I’m just perhaps too adventurous to be a brand. I change my mind on things when given new evidence. This leads me to change the course of my life sometimes. A “brand” is usually more stable than that.

So, when I was asked what a brand is, I said it was the cognitive schema people typically have in their heads when they think of a company.

This got me thinking about schemas.

This is an example of a cognitive schema some folks may have. It’s kind of like a stereotype.

We organize things in our mind in neatly packaged ways. But those ways can lend themselves to disappointing or harmful ideas.

We probably can’t get over the fact we use cognitive schemas. But it’s good to know about them because the more we know about how the mind works–and how irrational we really are–the more we can potentially learn how to fight against these things.