We Need Chief Ethics Officers Now More Than Ever

As a person who studied ethics and was on the non-academic job market looking for ethics jobs, I became convinced that most companies–including tech companies–simply want a Compliance Officer, who is usually a lawyer, so they don’t get in trouble with the law.
What they don’t often look for is a Chief Ethics Officer. And when they do look for someone in ethics, they usually combine them into one role: Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. Usually they are looking for someone with a JD, not a background in ethics (philosophy).
I’m not alone in my thinking. Take a look at this article, arguing for more Chief Ethics Officers.
The particular program I was in during graduate school was specifically geared to deal with modern-day, practical ethics and policy problems. Thus, you think I’d be well suited for a Chief Ethics Officer position. And, I would be. If anyone was hiring them.
So tell the entrepreneurs in your life to hire philosophers–people with backgrounds in ethics–for their organizations. You never know what great things may come of it.