This Portfolio Is a Relic Of What I Once Was

This is my blog. The rest of this website is my e-portfolio. I made it several years ago. You can browse around and see my various, mostly professional, accomplishments. At this point in my life, the portfolio part seems to be a relic of what I once was. Around 2008, I had my first psychotic … Read moreThis Portfolio Is a Relic Of What I Once Was

New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. However, the New Year coincided with some changes in me. They aren’t resolutions, but they are a general direction I’m taking my life. They range from pretty basic to seemingly difficult. They are as follows: Don’t date assholes. Go to the library more. Create a new idea. I’m doing … Read moreNew Year’s Resolutions


John Rawls did it the traditional way. In Ancient Greece, often a person had to serve in the military before becoming a philosopher. While the two–philosophy and the military–may seem incompatible, I think they are most compatible. I will argue that, more than things like AI, we need thinking soldiers. John Rawls, of course, became … Read morePhilosopher-Soliders

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Be At Peace

Despite the fact that I have been exhausted for the past couple of weeks, I have, in general, been at peace with myself for several months now. You may not think that a person who fell from grace when they developed schizophrenia would be at peace. But I am. In fact, I’m more at peace … Read moreHow I Learned To Stop Worrying And Be At Peace

Graduate Studies

Sometimes people ask me what I studied in graduate school. I focused primarily on Ethics and Political Philosophy. Here’s what I studied: GRADUATE COURSES and READING GROUPS: Ethics Methods in Applied Ethics Philosophy of Language Contemporary Political Philosophy Practical Philosophy in Culture and Society Theory and Anti-Theory in Ethics Lies and Self-Deception (Action Theory/Moral Psychology) … Read moreGraduate Studies


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