Families Should Aim For Justice

Native Americans have the highest rates of intermarrying in the United States. It must be true, then, that love can flow between Natives and non-Natives. This essay is directed toward those of us who are non-Native who have Native families.

We know through history that just because someone says they love you, it doesn’t mean they will seek out what’s just for you. If it were true that personal love always equals justice, women, many of whom are married to men, would have had justice eons ago.

But we non-Natives who have Native families can show the world what true love looks like. And what it looks like is seeking what’s good for the other. It means justice.

Let us come together, then, with one another and with our families to seek justice for Native Americans. We can do this by forming more or less organized organizations, through petitioning, through calling Congress, through learning from our Native families about how to fight. This is transforming love into what’s just and good for our families. This is possibly the highest form of love.

I believe that when non-Natives who have Native families come on board with decolonization, amazing things can happen. Through our love, we can break colonial chains. We can show the world what true love looks like. We can realize our colonizer space in life and give it up. We can begin the process of decolonization through our love and deeds.

True love looks like justice.