“Native Americans Aren’t On Anyone’s Radar”

As you probably know, I wrote a very short collection of essays on Native American issues. I had a Native American I know look over the book. We discussed some ideas in it. They told me that basically it’s a great idea, but Native Americans and injustices toward them aren’t on anyone’s radar. Perhaps that’s … Read more“Native Americans Aren’t On Anyone’s Radar”

Citizenship: There Is No “Part Indian”

There’s an peculiar thing that happens when people talk about being Native. Some Native people, but especially non-Natives, say they are “part Cherokee” or “part Choctaw.” Now this makes sense if you’re talking about your ancestry. If you really do have Native ancestry, that’s great. If you’re not sure or if you don’t really have … Read moreCitizenship: There Is No “Part Indian”

I Don’t Want Native Americans To Fight For Their Rights

My government, the United States, is a colonial government. Period. End of story. I was born here and through friendship, love and learning realized I occupy a colonizer space in life. Funny how. I know much of the history of colonialism. And I know that in order to gain liberation, colonized people often protest, have … Read moreI Don’t Want Native Americans To Fight For Their Rights

J. LAWSON THESIS (Stetson University, 2004, Citations Omitted): “The More Freely He Breathes: Colonialism In The United States”

Author’s Note (6/14/2018):This thesis has cause me a lot of trouble–mostly, I think, at this point, trouble in my own mind. Since writing it I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Even though this thesis is now over 10 years old, it lurks in the back of my mind as one of the most subversive things … Read moreJ. LAWSON THESIS (Stetson University, 2004, Citations Omitted): “The More Freely He Breathes: Colonialism In The United States”

The Personal Is The Philosophical

Lately, I’ve been mixing personal stories and experiences into my philosophical writing. That’s no accident. I finally feel, when doing this, authentic in my writing and thinking. (Instead of pretending I have thoughts, feelings and insights that come, dislocated, from nowhere.) The personal has always been the philosophical for me. I know, I know. We … Read moreThe Personal Is The Philosophical

You Don’t Have To Be A Platonist To Believe In Truth (And Fight Fascism!)

I want to share an image I found online: I like this quote. I like the image. Many people have noted that the break down of our sense of truth is a red flag that could lead to fascism in the United States. Believing in truth is one good way to fight fascism. I still … Read moreYou Don’t Have To Be A Platonist To Believe In Truth (And Fight Fascism!)

Housing Insecurity In Florida: A Proposed Solution

Florida has the third highest rate of homelessness in the United States. About 40% of people who experience homelessness have a disability. There are some things available for people who experience housing insecurity, but not a whole lot to help people get on their feet. There’s not many places that will offer a home outright … Read moreHousing Insecurity In Florida: A Proposed Solution

Transcending My First Memory

I’m going to share with you some things that have been kept quiet in my family for many years. It starts with my first memory. My first memory is of my dad beating my mom. It’s a sad memory and I’ve rarely told it to many people. I can still see my mom, in desperation, … Read moreTranscending My First Memory

Identity And Your Career

I think one of the most detrimental things one can do is identify with their career. I find so many people who do identify with their career. When they lose a job, when they retire, they lose their sense of identity. When one thinks in terms of oneself as how one sells one’s labor, one … Read moreIdentity And Your Career

Will Nuclear Weapons Become Obsolete?

I just read Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons by Ward Wilson. Nuclear weapons have been on the minds of many lately. Several of my friends worry about Trump and his ability to use nuclear weapons and the breakout of a war with North Korea. So I decided to break through some of the myths surrounding … Read moreWill Nuclear Weapons Become Obsolete?


I have been thinking about emotions lately. Specifically, whether and what they tell us. Emotions have been given a bad rap among some, but I have come to the conclusion that they are tied to the beliefs we have. I have said previously that I don’t experience anger. And I don’t. So I don’t know … Read moreEmotions


Anyone who knows me knows I was sort of obsessed with Kierkegaard as an undergraduate. And, after undergrad, I took a year off to study both Kierkegaard and skepticism. I don’t really do philosophy anymore, but Kierkegaard came to mind today. One of his seminal works is Fear and Trembling. I’m not a Kierkegaard expert, … Read moreKierkegaard

“Still Waters Run Deep”

I’ve always been a quiet person. Sometimes, I’ve been chastised for this from people seeking more “personality.” But I’m actually pretty comfortable with myself. Very comfortable, actually. I’m a content person most of the time and I don’t have wild emotions. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anger. Truly. I don’t know what it’s like … Read more“Still Waters Run Deep”


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