You Can’t Touch Girls, But You Can Rough Up On Guys

Today, I was at lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. I happened to overhear a young fellow across the way talking about the state of things today. In short, he said if you are a guy, you aren’t allowed to touch girls, but you can sure as heck rough up on a guy.

For real????

I mean, it’s true, you cannot even touch a girl without her permission. That’s basically the law. Otherwise it could be considered assault, which is a crime. This is true, however, whether you are male, female or something else.

However, the same is true of guys: You aren’t allowed to even touch them.

The culture of toxic masculinity says that guys can touch whoever they want–and even beat up on other guys. And that’s just a same.

Well, I’m sticking up for everyone: If you haven’t asked and gotten permission, don’t touch people. More to the point, don’t rough them up–whether you and they are male or not.