Daniel Callcut, PhD.

Daniel Callcut obtained his PhD at Johns Hopkins University. He edited the book Reading Bernard Williams and is the author of many articles and publications. Currently, he is a philosophy tutor and writer.

Mitchell Haney PhD.

Mitchell Haney is Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Florida. His specialties include business ethics, media ethics and leisure and free time.

Erik Lawson, JD.

Erik Lawson earned his Juris Doctorate from Stetson University College of Law. An expert trial attorney, he is also an expert on jurisprudence and legal studies.

Jennifer Lawson, MA.

Jennifer Lawson has BA’s in philosophy and psychology and an MA in Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics. You can find her (somewhat updated) CV here. She is author of Revitalizing A Failed Tradition.

Clayton Littlejohn, PhD.

Clayton Littlejohn earned his PhD from the University of Nebraska. He is the author of numerous books an articles and teaches at Kings College London. You can find his blog here.

Adam and Uriel Lopez

They share a last name. They share an account. But they, by on means, share all the same ideas. A perfect couple.

Adam Lopez is a computer programmer for Intel with interests in topics such as philosophy of technology and ethics.

Uriel Lopez is an interior designer who owns his own design company. He has interests in philosophy of art.

Nicolas Michaud, EdD.

Nicolas Michaud has been a featured essayist and philosopher in numerous books on philosophy and popular culture.

Tee Persad, Master’s of Public Admiistration and Juris Doctorate.

Tee Persad is a philosophically astute attorney at law. You may learn about his accomplishments, education and experience at CPLS PA.

Rose Vitz, BA.

Rose Vitz majored in philosophy.

Jared Warren, PhD.

Jared Warren is Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University. His work is broad and wide-ranging, covering logic, language, meaning, and more. You can learn more about is work here.

Brita Frazier (Editor)

Brita Frazier is a Florida Native. With a passion for all tings nerdy, geeky, spooky and cool, she is also a Medical Doctor. Alongside Margaret Lawson, she keeps the blog up and running.

Margaret Lawson (Editor)

Margaret Lawson grew up in Minnesota. She has traveled widely and has an adventurous spirit. With a keen eye for detail and accuracy, she keeps “The Blog” in tip-top shape.