Andrew Yang: First Ex-Goth President?

Jezebel has an interview with Andrew Yang that made me recall my younger days. Yang is not much older than me. He and I, it seems, went through similar stages of cultural development. Take, for instance, the yearbook picture he Tweeted wearing a trench coat and black.

I remember when black trench coats were basically the sign of the Devil. And goth? Goth was so counter-culture that people my age then wouldn’t touch it.

I have been blogging about mental health today and it is pertinent to note that these signs and symbols were once hearkened as symptoms, by non-experts, at least, of serious mental illness.

I never thought I would see the day when a person running for President of the United States would have been formerly goth.

Whatever you think of Andrew Yang, you’ve got to appreciate this: His candor and authenticity. Yang beats Trump on this measure because he is candid without being hateful,despising people or bashing basically anyone.

Both use Twitter and their Twitter personas couldn’t be more different.

I realize Bernie Sanders may be leading as things stand at the moment, but it’s never a bad day to put in some nice words for someone trailing behind.

Could Andrew Yang be the first goth president? We will just have to wait and see.