Back when I was about 15,

I thought Olive Garden was the most fancy place to eat. I recall going there with several wonderful ladies before going to Tallahassee to meet Governor Chiles and Hillary Clinton. I thought Olive Garden was really top-notch. Still do, really.

My daughter and I typically go there a few times every couple of months or so. We have daily conversations. She is a personable Woman. We goof around, tell jokes, learn stuff. Our relationship has been really beautiful, I think. I hope she feels the same.

-Jennie, Queen of Sweden

On Hostility In Politics

I think it’s sometimes appropriate and sometimes in appropriate. When one generalizes to an entire, say, “race” because of the actions of a few, it’s probably not a good thing, but it’s an understandable and human thing. When one moves to violence is not my place to say, really, except that it is sometimes the right thing to do when defending The Just. I’ll leave it at that. In most of my own ways, I’m a lover, not a fighter. But shit happens, what can I say? And I’ve already proven I will defend The Just with my very life.

-Jennie, Queen of Sweden