Better to Be a Christian Unsatisfied

Satan is pretty clever.

Sometimes, evil is forbidding spiritual discussion from ever happening. That happened to me today as I was discussing God with a friend and someone barged in and basically forced to conversation to close.

But sometimes, evil is getting you used to creature comforts. I don’t think God wants you to be uncomfortable. I also don’t think God is a Magic 8 Ball that you ask to divine for you and give you your every care.

There are worldly comforts and there are Heavenly comforts. Most of us have to get used to Heavenly comforts. We are very used to worldly comforts. Stepping from one to the other takes some getting used to.

As I explained it to a friend of mine, it’s like if you go to your first 5 Star Hotel after being used to a Motel 6. Everything is immaculate. The service? Impeccable. Yet, it takes some getting used to.

That’s not to say everyone will be wealthy when they believe in God. That’s to say there are mature and immature tastes and it’s better to be a Christian unsatisfied than, as the saying goes, a pig satisfied.

The evil one is clever, to be sure. God your friendship with God is irreplaceable.

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