Do I Really Hate Trump?

That’s a question I was asked. Apparently, when you live in a world of hate, it’s easy to imagine others being full of hate.

Do I hate Trump?


If you’ve been following along, you know I will encourage you to not vote for him. There’s plenty of other viable candidates to choose from.

But don’t confuse this with hatred.

I’ll tell you a story: I had a bad relationship once. When it ended, I told the person to never contact me again. They had been abusive and are somehow broken beyond repair. It’s not up to me to diagnose them. That’s for some therapist to do. All I know is that I’m finished with that person.

It’s with that kind of longevity, that kind of fortitude and self-respect, that I write with now regarding Trump. I think of him, in a way, as an abusive lover to The People. And The People should break up.

I want nothing to do with him. So much so that I’d like to move on, select who I’m going to vote for, and simply make beauty in the world.

There is no hatred from me. There is, in fact, no feelings for him. Nothing.

If you think people like me are full of hatred, think again. We are the ones making things blossom in the world. The creators. The inventors. The thinkers. There’s not much room for hatred (or being around toxicity) when you’re busy making the world a better place.

Remember that.

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