Does Calling It Like It Is Actually Save the World?

You, seekers of and fighters for justice, I’m talking to you.

I got to wondering something last night and now I want to put it out there. There’s plenty of people who make it their life’s effort to call out injustice. I have myself devoted years of my life to this very thing.

My question is: Does it work?

It’s not about how you feel. Feeling doesn’t always tell your actual results. And I’m not calling anyone out. I honestly wish to know. If there are any studies that calling out injustice actually does anything, I’d like to know.

I’m not just talking about calling injustice out on social media or in articles, either. I’ve spent a fair amount of time at protests and rallies. Do they actually accomplish anything?

This question comes for me at a time when I think I’ve found a way of creating more good in the world and limiting evil. You can read about it in my essay here. In short, I think “pruning” rids the world of evil and aides in creating God’s goodness in the world. I happen to think it’s worth a shot, but it does require one becomes Christian. If that’s not for you, that’s OK. God, as I most certainly know, has the manners to not intrude in your life.

Yet, fellow justice seekers, while we may not be on the exact same page when it comes to the source of and solution to injustice, we do have a similar goals. Remember that the methods I employ appear to work for me and may work for others. If you wish to continue to call out injustice or attend rallies as your main method of fighting injustice, I salute you!

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