Virtue Has No Creed: A Defense of Christian Philosophers

I have just read a selection of Christian ethics. It was, in fact, very good. I’m no expert on Christian philosophy, but it seemed just as rigorous as secular philosophy.

Don’t let politics get in the way. If you have bad experiences with a church, don’t let that get in the way, either.

There’s already enough division and divisiveness in the world. Don’t think, if you are a philosopher, that one cannot be both an excellent Christian and an excellent philosopher. Some of the most edifying, intellectual work I’ve read has been by Christian philosophers.

I know there are people who are half-wonked. They fail to embody the virtues.

But that’s not everyone. And, moreover, even if it was everyone, it doesn’t conceptually follow.

Even beyond that, there are vicious people all over the place, not just within the Christian religion. Vice, it seems, has no creed. I doubt virtue does, either.

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